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Actor Imaginography

  1. Aquaman (2018) ... Arthur Curry/Aquaman
  2. DC MARVEL VS STAR WARS ... Arthur Currie/Aquaman
  3. The Death and Return of Superman ... Aquaman/Arthur Curry
  4. Green Lantern: Rebirth ... Aquaman\ Arthur Curry
  5. Justice League ... Arthur Curry / Aquaman
  6. Justice League ... Arthur Curry / Aquaman
  7. Justice League In Crazyland ... Aquaman
  8. Justice League Of America - The Movie ... Aquaman (Arthur Curry/Orin)
  9. Justice League: Origins ... Aquaman/Arthur Curry
  10. Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox ... Aquaman
  11. Justice League: The New Legend of Heroes ... Aquaman/Arthur Curry
  12. The Justice Trilogy ... Aquaman / Arthur Curry
  13. Resident Evil 4 ... Luis Sera

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