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The Imaginography

Director Imaginography

  1. Witness for the Prosecution

Actor Imaginography

  1. Adolf Hitler ... Alois Hitler (Father)
  2. Around the World in 80 Days ... Phileas Fogg
  3. Around the World in Eighty Days ... Phileas Fogg
  4. Around the World in Eighty Days ... Phileas Fogg
  5. Batman & Batwoman ... Alfred Pennyworth
  6. Batman VS The Punisher ... Alfred Pennyworth
  7. Batman: Mask of the Phantasm (Live Action) ... Alfred Pennyworth
  8. Bell, Book and Candle ... Sidney Redlitch
  9. The Body In The Library ... Inspector Slack
  10. A Bridge Too Far ... Lt. Gen. Brian G. Horrocks, British Army
  11. Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator ... Mr. Bucket
  12. Cry of the Icemark ... The Vampire King
  13. The Da Vinci Code ... Bezu Fache
  14. Death On The Nile ... Colonel Race
  15. Fairy Tale Theater : Beauty and the Beast ... Jaques, A Suitor
  16. Fantastic Mr. Fox ... Bean
  17. Hellsing ... Walter Dollneaz
  18. Imajica ... Dowd
  19. Justice League: Origins ... Alfred Pennyworth
  20. Northanger Abbey ... General Tilney
  21. Sabriel ... Aborsen
  22. Sherlock Holmes: Last Case (TV Movie, based on The Final Problem) ... Moriarty's Man 1
  23. Shirley MacLaine ... David Niven
  24. Superman Batman: Public Enemies ... Alfred Pennworth
  25. Ten Little Indians (And Then There Were None) ... Thomas Rogers
  26. Thomas the Tank Engine ... Diesel
  27. Tim Burton's Rocky Horror Picture Show ... Criminologist
  28. Tim Burton's The Wizard of Oz ... Uncle Henry
  29. Treasure Island ... Pew
  30. Underworld Series (1984-1991) ... Kraven (Underworld-Underworld: Evolution
  31. Witness for the Prosecution ... Mr. Mayhew

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