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The Imaginography

Actor Imaginography

  1. 007-oh her majesty's sceret service ... Ruby Barrlet
  2. Airwolf - A Motion Picture ... Caitlin O'Shaughnessy
  3. Artemis Fowl ... Holly Short
  4. Baltimore Blues ... Cecilia Cesnik
  5. Blood Simple ... Abby
  6. The Body In The Library ... WPC Sheila Hathaway
  7. Go Ask Alice ... Gerta
  8. Gossip Girl ... Vanessa
  9. Gunpoint ... Katie Collins
  10. Heat Rises ... Dr. Lauren Parry
  11. A New Batman Film Series ... Harley Quinn
  12. Nine Ladies Stealing ... Michelle Hartzell
  13. The Perks of Being a Wallflower ... Mary Elizabeth
  14. Sabrina ... Elizabeth Tyson
  15. Star Trek: New Frontier ... Lieutenant Soleta
  16. Star Trek: New Frontier ... Lt. Commander Dr. Selar
  17. THE STEEL DOVES ... Captain Christine Finch
  18. Strangers on a Train ... Barbara Morton
  19. Teen Titans (Live Action Movie) ... Raven
  20. They All Laughed ... Tulips
  21. The Time Traveler's Wife ... Sharon
  22. The Wheel of Time Series ... Nynaeve
  23. wild things ... Suzie Marie Toller
  24. Woman World ... Abby Williams

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