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The Imaginography

Actor Imaginography

  1. Anastasia ... Anastasia (Anya) Romanov
  2. The Banned and the Banished Series ... Elena
  3. The Batman Series ... Catwoman/Selina Kyle
  4. The Beekeeper's Apprentice ... Patricia Donleavy
  5. Blonde ... Gladys Mortensen
  6. Brainbox ... Sheila Reddington
  7. Camelot ... Guenivere
  8. Cowboy Bebop ... Julia
  9. Cry of the Icemark ... Basilea Elemnestra
  10. Dark Angel ... Stacie
  11. The Dark Tower (the entire series) ... Alice
  12. The Dark Tower complete saga ... Alice
  13. The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger ... Alice
  14. The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger ... Rhea of the Coos
  15. The Dragonbone Chair ... Maegwin
  16. The Fionavar Tapestry ... Jaelle
  17. Foxtrot ... Andy Fox (mom)
  18. The Golden Compass ... Serafina Pekkala
  19. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix ... Bellatrix Black Lestrange
  20. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix ... Narcissa Malfoy
  21. The Incredibles ... Elastigirl / Helen Parr
  22. Inheritance Cycle ... Selena
  23. It's A Wonderful Life ... Mary Hatch Bailey
  24. Justice League of America ... Black Canary
  25. Knights of the Old Republic (TV Series) ... Bastila Shan
  26. Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords ... Handmaiden
  27. KRULL ... Vella
  28. Legacy Of The Force ... Tahiri Veila
  29. Marvel 1602 ... Susan Storm
  30. Mass Effect ... Jack/Subject Zero
  31. Neon Genesis Evangelion ... Ritsuko Akagi
  32. Patience, Princess Catherine ... Lady Margaret Pole
  33. Planescape: Torment ... Fall-From-Grace
  34. Spaceballs ... Commanderette Zircon
  35. Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic ... Yuthura Ban
  36. The Star Wars Saga ... Padme Amidala
  37. Star Wars, Episode VII, Heir to the Empire ... Mara Jade
  38. Star Wars: Fate of the Jedi ... Tahiri Veila
  39. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic ... Bastila Shan
  40. Survivor ... Caseworker
  41. Temeraire: His Majestys Dragon ... Cptn Roland
  42. Wizard's First Rule ... Denna
  43. Wonder Woman ... The Cheetah/Dr. Barbara Minerva
  44. Wonder Woman ... Goddess Athena

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