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The Imaginography

Actor Imaginography

  1. Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Series ... Richard Zeeman
  2. The Avengers (1990's) ... Thor
  3. The Avengers ... Hercules
  4. Carlos Castaneda's Shapeshifters ... Andre
  5. Celebrity Treasure Island ... Himself (Team Leader - South Team)
  6. Conan and Sonja ... Kull
  7. Diablo ... Barbarian
  8. Fire Emblem ... Greil
  9. Hannie Caulder ... The Preacher
  10. Justice ... Hawkman\ Carter Hall
  11. Kid Icarus ... Hercules
  12. The Monkey's mask ... Nick Maitland
  13. Monster world adventures: Sampson ... Sampson Forester
  14. Monster World Origins: Bruce ... God Of Thunder
  15. Polyester ... Todd Tomorrow
  16. Portrait Of A Grinchologist ... Sampson Forester
  17. Portrait Of A Grinchologist ... Sampson Forester
  18. Predator ... Jim Hooper
  19. Spider-Man 4 ... Kraven the Hunter
  20. Star Wars 7: conquest from the outer rim ... Kyle Katarn
  21. Star Wars 8: Escape from the Sharlak Pit ... Kyle Katarn
  22. Star Wars 9 : the Final Battle ... Kyle Katarn
  23. SUPERGIRL TV Series ... Zor-El
  24. Supergirl: The Reboot ... Ak-Var (Kandorian)
  25. Team Nathan ... Sampson Forester
  26. Team Nathan VS Demongoat ... Sampson Forester
  27. Transformers ... Jetfire
  28. Woman World ... Officer Kyle Mitchell
  29. Xena Reborn (2012) ... Hercules (Cameo)

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