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The Imaginography

Actor Imaginography

  1. The Agent ... Kevin (agent)
  2. First Blood ... Deputy Lester
  3. Hamlet (Mafia Version) ... Rosencrantz
  4. Preacher ... T.C.
  5. The Punisher: Welcome Back Frank! ... Carlo Gnucci
  6. Three's Company ... Larry Dallas
  7. Transformers ... Prowl
  8. Who Shot Big Danny? ... Roy Jones

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Animal Crossing

basically you move into a town with animals Look it up for more information

Gone Girl (Hitchcock Version)

If Alfred Hitchcock Had Made Gone Girl In His Prime Instead Of David Fincher.

Birdman (1990s)

If Birdman Was Made During The 1990s.


Remake of the 1982 film ''Poltergesit''

Back to the Future

A remake of Back to the Future.


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