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Actor Imaginography

  1. Batman trilogy (Comedy Version) ... Ra's Al Ghul
  2. The Bible: In the Beginning ... The Serpent
  3. Billy Madison 2 ... Schuareez
  4. bridsemaid hangover ... chow
  5. Dragon Ball The Movie - Reboot ... Yajirobe
  6. Dragon Ball Trilogy ... Yajirobe
  7. Dragon Ball Z ... King Kai
  8. Dragon Ball Z ... King Kai
  9. Dragonball 2: Reborn ... King Kai
  10. DragonBall Z ... King Kai
  11. Dragonball Z Saga ... King Kai
  12. The Expendables (Comedy Version) ... Yin Yang
  13. The Expendables 2 (Comedy Version) ... Yin Yang
  14. The Fast and the Furious : The TV SERIES ... Johnny Tran
  15. Father of the Bride ... Franck Eggelhoffer
  16. Ghost Busters ... Louis Tully
  17. Green Arrow ... Natas
  18. The Hobbit: A Comedy Of Hobbits ... Gollum
  19. Johnny Bravo ... Master Hamma
  20. King of the Hill ... Kahn Soupinousipone
  21. The Lord Of The Rings (Comedy Version) ... Lord Elrond
  22. Mad Magazine Presents Star Wars ... Zader
  23. Miss Saigon ... The Engineer/Trahn Van Dinh
  24. Mulan (live action) ... Yao
  25. Peter Sellers: Unmasked ... Burt Kwouk
  26. The Risen ... Devil
  27. RoboCop ... Steve Minh
  28. Rosemary's Baby ... Dr. Sapirstein
  29. South Park (live action) ... City Wok
  30. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan ... Sulu
  31. TEENAGE TIME-BOMB ... Doc Blues

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