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The Imaginography

Actor Imaginography

  1. Anastasia: The Last Grand Duchess ... Tsar Nicholas Romanov II
  2. Art, Gwen and Lance ... Art Simons
  3. The Avengers ... Captian America
  4. The Avengers ... Namor
  5. Avengers: The Movie ... The Submariner (Prince Namor McKenzie)
  6. The Batman Series ... Edward Nygma/The Riddler
  7. Bond 24: Kiss The Afternoon Goodbye ... M
  8. Captain America ... The Red Skull/Johann Schmidt
  9. Captain America ... Adolph Hitler
  10. Chinatown ... Noah Cross
  11. Cry of the Icemark ... Taradan
  12. The Da Vinci Code ... Remy
  13. Desperation ... Johnny Marinville
  14. Doctor Strange ... Dr. Stephen Strange
  15. Dracula ... Count Dracula
  16. Dune (2012) ... Stilgar
  17. Fantastic Four ... Doctor Doom
  18. The Fantastic Four ... Namor The Sub-Mariner
  19. G.I. Joe: The Movie ... Serpentor (Cobra Emperor)
  20. Gaslight ... Insp. Brian Cameron (scotland yard)
  21. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire ... Barty Crouch Jr.
  22. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince ... Tom Riddle Sr.
  23. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince ... Tom Riddle Jr - Adult
  24. Hyperion ... Sol Weintraub
  25. In His Life: The John Lennon Story ... Pete Best
  26. Inuyasha ... Thunder Bro.
  27. Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell ... John Childermass
  28. Judgment at Nuremberg ... Attorney Oskar Rolfe
  29. Julius Caesar ... Brutus
  30. Justice League of America ... Captain Marvel
  31. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen ... Dr. Henry Jekyll/Mr. Edward Hyde
  32. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow ... Ichabod Crane
  33. The Lives of Christopher Chant ... Uncle Ralph
  34. Lorna Doone ... Tom Faggus
  35. Macbeth ... Banquo
  36. Modern Warfare 3 ... Vladimir Makarov
  37. Raid on the Sun ... Ilan Ramon (IAF Pilot)
  38. Romeo and Juliet ... Prince Escalus
  39. Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos ... Adolf Hitler
  40. Sherlock Holmes: British Detective ... Stanley Hopkins
  41. A Song of Ice and Fire ... Petyr Baelish (Littlefinger)
  42. A Song of Ice and Fire ... Euron Greyjoy
  43. Superman Returns ... Lex Luthor
  44. Twin Peaks ... Dennis/Denise Bryson
  45. Vertigo ... John ( Scotty) Ferguson
  46. Wanted ... The Future
  47. The White Rhino Hotel ... Ernst von Decken (German ex-soldier)

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