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The Imaginography

Director Imaginography

  1. Avengers(1992)
  2. Batman & Batwoman
  3. Batman Triumphant
  4. Batman Triumphant (1999)
  5. Batman: Triumphant (2000)
  6. Beware, Princess Elizabeth
  7. Blue Velvet (2011)
  8. Carousel
  9. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
  10. The Dark Knight (Joel Schumacher Version)
  11. The Dark Knight: The Man who Laughs (1999)
  12. The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger
  13. The Death and Return of Superman
  14. Deception Point
  15. Fairy Tale Theater : Beauty and the Beast
  17. The Incredibles (1994)
  18. Into The Woods
  19. Jack the Giant Slayer (1988)
  20. Jekyll & Hyde
  21. Jesus Christ Superstar
  22. Justice League (1999)
  23. The King and I (Remake)
  24. The Legend of Zelda
  25. Les Miserables
  26. Les Misérables (Musical)
  27. Lolita
  28. Lost Horizon
  29. Man of La Mancha
  30. Nausicaä of the Valley of the Winds
  31. Night Child
  32. North by Northwest
  33. Perry Mason
  34. Phantom of Manhattan
  35. The Phantom of Manhattan
  36. The Phantom of the Opera
  37. The Rocky Horror Picture Show
  38. The Sound of Music
  39. Terms of Edearment (2017)
  40. The Testament
  41. The Ultimate Secret
  42. The Village People
  43. West Side Story
  44. White Christmas
  45. Wicked
  46. The Witches Of Eastwick
  47. The Wiz

Actor Imaginography

  1. U2 Biopic ... Joel Schumacher (Cameo)

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