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The Imaginography

Actor Imaginography

  1. Airwolf - A Motion Picture ... Dominic Santini
  2. The Bullet Train ... Roger Smith - A cocky but honest and kind-hearted LAPD detective
  3. Clue ... Mr. Boddy
  4. Clue ... Mr. Boddy
  5. CLUE: The Movie ... Mr Boddy
  6. The Da Vinci Code ... Bishop Aringarosa
  7. The Dark Knight (1988) ... Sal Maroni
  8. The Dark Knight (1989) ... Salvatore Maroni
  9. The Dark Tower complete saga ... Enrico Balazar
  10. The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger ... Enrico Balazar
  11. Darkman ... Robert G. Durant
  12. Darkman ... Robert G Durant
  13. Dumb and Dumber 1984 ... Joe Mental
  14. The Goonies ... Francis Fratelli
  15. The Last Gangster ... Jimmy Longo
  16. Midnight Run ... Jimmy Serrano
  17. Mobster: The Rise of John Gotti and the Fall of the Gambino Crime Family ... Tommy Gambino
  18. The Rat Pack: The Hey-Hey Days of Frank and the Boys ... Dean Martin
  19. Robin The Boy Wonder ... Tony Zucco
  20. Saving Private Ryan (70s) ... Private Caparzo
  21. Seinfeld ... Soup Nazi
  22. The Simpsons (live-action 1980's) ... Fat Tony
  23. The Simpsons Movie 2: Sideshow Bob Returns ... Fat Tony
  24. Sin City (1980s) ... Jonathan "Iron Jack" Rafferty aka Jackie Boy
  25. Some Like It Hot ... Spats Colombo
  26. The Sopranos ... Giacomo "Jackie" Aprile Sr.
  27. Super Mario Bros. The New Generation ... Ambassador (Super) Mario
  28. Super Mario World ... Mario
  29. Superman (2016) ... Dr. Emil Hamilton
  30. The Untouchables: Capone Rising ... Lucky Luciano
  31. The Usual Suspects ... U.S. Customs Special Agent Dave Kujan
  32. Who Shot Big Danny? ... Danny "Big Danny" D'Mico
  33. Without Remorse ... Lt. Emmet Ryan

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