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The Imaginography

Actor Imaginography

  1. 12 Angry Women ... Juror 3
  2. 13 Dead End Drive ... The Best Friend
  3. Ace Ventura(1960s) ... Melissa Robinson
  4. Akira ... Engineer Sakiyama
  5. Alice ... The Queen of Hearts
  6. Appointment With Death ... Emily Boynton
  7. Batman (1970s) ... Poison Ivy
  8. The Batman Series ... Dr. Leslie Thompkins
  9. The Batman ... Dr. Leslie Thompkins
  10. The Birds ... Lydia Brenner
  11. Christopher Nolan's Batman Trilogy (60s) ... Rachel Dawes
  12. Deadpool ... Blind Al
  13. Digital Fortress ... Midge Milken
  14. Everything in The Garden (1964) ... Jenny
  15. The Flintstones ... Pearl Slaghoople
  16. The Flintstones ... Pearl Slaghoople
  17. Follies ... Phyllis Rogers Stone
  18. Futurama ... Mom
  19. Gilligan's Island ... Eunice Wentworth Howell
  20. Golden Girls ... Blanche Devereaux
  21. Gone With The Wind ... India Wilkes
  22. Green Acres ... Mother Douglas
  23. Hamlet (Mafia Version) ... Gertrude
  24. The Happiest Millionaire ... Mrs. Duke
  25. HeartCatch Pretty Cure ... Kaoruko Hanasaki/Cure Flower
  26. It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World ... Mrs. Marcus
  27. It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World ... Mrs. Marcus, mother-in-law of J. Russell Finch and a very cranky woman
  28. The Lovely Bones ... Grandma Lynne
  29. The Lovely Bones ... Abigail Salmon
  30. The Night of the Hunter ... Icey Spoon
  31. Nine To Five ... Judy Bernly
  32. Paul (1981) ... The Big Guy
  33. Pound Puppies (Live Action) ... Millicent Trueblood
  34. Prisoners (1980s) ... Grace Dover
  35. Sideways Stories from Wayside School ... Mrs. Gorf
  36. Suikoden V ... Josephine Rajah
  37. Supergirl (70's) ... Supergirl/Kara/Linda Lee Danvers
  38. Walt Disney: Triumph of the American Imagination ... Flora Disney (his mother)
  39. Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? ... Blanche Hudson
  40. White Christmas ... Emma Allen (housekeeper)
  41. Wizard of Oz ... Wicked Witch of the West
  42. Wonder Woman ... Julia Kapaetalis

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