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The Imaginography

Director Imaginography

  1. Analyze That (1980's)
  2. Anger Management (1980s)
  3. The Batman Series
  4. Biker Mice From Mars
  5. Bruce Almighty (1987)
  6. The Change-Up (1986)
  7. DodgeBall: A True Underdog Story (1980s)
  8. Dumb and Dumber 1984
  9. Extreme Ghostbusters
  10. Fairy Tale Theater : The Frog Prince
  11. Fred Claus (1980s)
  12. Ghost Busters
  13. Ghostbusters (Remake)
  14. Ghostbusters 3
  15. Ghostbusters III
  16. Ghostbusters Vs. Danny Phantom
  17. The Guilt Trip (80s)
  18. Hancock (80s)
  19. The Hangover (1989)
  20. The Hangover Part II (1991)
  21. The Hangover Part III (1993)
  22. The Hardy Boys: The Begining
  23. Hot Tub Time Machine (1980s)
  24. I Dreamed of Jeanie
  25. I Love You, Man (1980s)
  26. The Incredible Burt Wonderstone (80s)
  27. Juno (80s)
  28. Kelly's Heroes (remake)
  29. Little Fockers (90s)
  30. The Meet the Parents Series (1980s-1990s)
  31. Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian (1980s)
  32. Old School (1980s)
  33. The Other Guys (1980s)
  34. Our Idiot Brother (1984)
  35. The Phantom Tollbooth
  36. The Pink Panther
  37. R.I.P.D(90s)
  38. School for Scoundrels (1986)
  39. Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World (80s)
  40. Six Days, Seven Nights
  41. Spider-Woman
  42. Strange Brew (2009)
  43. Street Sharks
  44. Stripes: the animated series
  45. Ted (1989)
  46. That's My Boy (1995)
  47. This Is 40 (80s)
  48. Time Squad
  49. Tremors
  50. Tropic Thunder (1980)
  51. Tropic Thunder (1988)
  52. The Watch (1992)
  53. Wedding Crashers (1980s)
  54. The Wedding Singer
  55. Where's Waldo?
  56. Wild Hogs (1988)
  57. Yes Man (1980s)
  58. Zombieland (1992)

Actor Imaginography

  1. Ghostbusters III ... Slimer (voice)

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