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The Imaginography

Director Imaginography

  1. The 7th Voyage of Sinbad
  2. Batman (70's)
  3. The Boy with Green Hair
  4. The Challenge of the Superfriends
  5. Condorman
  6. Crocodile Dundee (Remake)
  7. The Crucifixtion of Christ
  8. The Dark Knight & The Boy Wonder (Secret Origins)
  9. The Death and Return of Superman
  10. Disney's Flight of the Navigator (2019)
  11. Dr. Fate
  12. Dumbo
  13. An Elton John Movie
  14. Enemy Mine
  15. The Flintstone Kids
  16. Frosty the Snowman
  17. Gilligan's Island
  18. Gilligan's Island
  19. Grandma Got Ran Over By A Reindeer.........Live Action Movie
  20. Hot Shots
  21. I Dreamed of Jeanie
  22. Jack Frost
  23. Justice League of America
  24. Justice League Of America - The Movie
  25. Justice League(Comedy Version)
  26. Justice League: Mortal (2015)
  27. Justice Society
  28. Legion of Super-Heroes
  29. Mad Max
  30. Mad Max
  31. Mad Max (2014)
  32. Mad Max 2
  33. Mad Max: Fury Road (1989)
  34. Mad Max: Fury Road (1997)
  35. Mad Max: Fury Road (2005)
  36. Mad Max: Road's End
  37. Mad Max:Fury Road
  38. A Man Name David
  39. The One and Only, Genuine, Original Family Band
  40. Parenthood
  41. Pete's Dragon
  43. REBELS 2
  45. Run Rudolph Run
  46. Running on Empty
  47. Saved by The Bell
  48. Soapdish (2012 remake)
  49. Steel Dawn
  50. Stone
  51. Treasure Island
  52. Waterworld (1980s)

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