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The Imaginography

Actor Imaginography

  1. Back to the Future ... Amber
  2. Bleach ... Chizuru Honsho
  3. The Blue Door ... Jennifer Comet
  4. Brainbox ... Sheila Reddington
  5. Carrie ... Miss Collins
  6. Deception Point ... Rachel Sexton
  7. Firebird: A Trilogy ... Carradee Angelo
  8. IN ORDER ... Rosario Collins
  9. The Invaders ... Miss America (Madeline Joyce)
  10. Liberty Legion ... Miss America/Madeline Joyce
  11. Moonbase Alpha ... Dr Helena Russell
  12. The Philadelphia Story ... Tracy Lord
  13. The Red Card ... Jennifer Comet
  14. Romeo and Juliet ... Lady Montague
  15. Slipstream ... Belitski
  16. A Song of Ice & Fire ... Brienne Tarth
  17. A Song of Ice and Fire ... Brienne of Tarth
  18. Star Trek ... Dr. Miranda Jones
  19. Star Wars: Jedi Knight - Mysteries of the Sith ... Mara Jade
  20. Strangers on a Train ... Anne Morton
  21. Streets of Fire ... Reva Cody
  22. Superman ... Lara-El
  23. Three Sisters ... Masha
  24. Trigun ... Rem Saverem
  25. Up The Down Staircase ... Sylvia Barrett
  26. Venom ... Ann Weying (Eddie Brock's Wife)
  27. Wonder Woman ... Wonder Woman/Diana Prince
  28. Wonder Woman ... Baroness Paula Von Gunther
  29. X-Men ... Phoenix/Jean Grey

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