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The Imaginography

Actor Imaginography

  1. 12 Angry Men ... Juror # 5
  2. The Avengers (1990's) ... Clint Barton/Hawkeye
  3. The Breakfast Club ... Carl the Janitor
  4. Breaking Bad (Late 80s Early 90s) ... Jesse Pinkman
  5. Doctor Who (American Version) ... Third Doctor (1970-1974)
  6. Heavy Rain ... Gordi Kramer
  7. The Hulk (1995) ... Major Glenn Talbot
  8. The Last Juror ... Wiley Meek
  9. Metal Gear Solid (1988) ... Grey Fox
  10. Mission: Impossible-The Begining ... Jack Harmon
  11. Nightflyers ... Keelor
  12. Ouran 1983 ... Kyoya Ohtori/Eugene O'Hara
  13. The Punisher (2004) (1984) ... Spacker Dave
  14. The Simpsons ... Seymour Skinner
  15. Spider-Man (1990) ... Spiderman/Peter Parker
  16. Superboy: The Movie ... Kevin Peterson
  17. Titanic (1988) ... Tom Garfield
  18. Turtles Forever ... Hun
  19. Wacky Races ... Private Meekly
  20. X-Men (1980's) ... Iceman/Bobby Drake

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