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Actor Imaginography

  1. 25 Minutes at Hamish's ... Various Roles/Male Performer
  2. All American Girl ... Lucy Madison
  3. Bloopers of TV Shows that Really Make Us Laugh ... Himself - Various Roles
  4. Button Moon ... Vaccum Cleaner (Voice)
  5. Daria ... Jodie Landon
  6. Death On The Nile ... Tim Allerton
  7. Dinner for Schmucks (British Version) ... Mueller
  8. Dr. Who and the Daleks ... Ian
  9. Dubbed ... Various Characters (Male Voice)
  10. Flash Gordon ... Doctor Hans Zarkov
  11. Friday Night ... Ted Morrissey, Danny's brother
  12. Hawk the Slayer ... Ferret
  13. Jesus Christ Superstar ... Pontius Pilate
  14. Krull ... Ergo
  15. KRULL ... Ergo
  16. Little Britian's Lou and Andy ... Theme Song ''Andy's Chest'' by Lou Reed (Singer)
  17. Little Britian's Lou and Andy ... Lou Todd
  18. Maid Marian and her Merry Men ... Robin of Kensington
  19. Morons in Outer Space ... Graham Sweetley
  20. The Next Doctor Who ... Participant 8
  21. The Prisoner of Zenda ... Fritz von Tarlenheim
  22. The Rescuers(re-dubbed) ... Mr. Snoops(voice)
  23. Super Mario Brothers ... Shy Guy
  24. SuperTed ... Spotty
  25. SuperTed ... Spottyman
  26. The Tempest ... Trinculo
  27. This is BBC 10... ... Male Performer/Various Roles
  28. The Warrior Princess ... Joxer
  29. Who Would You Cast As The 12 Incarnations Of Doctor Who? ... The 8th Doctor
  30. The Wind in the Willows ... Mole
  31. Wizards ... The President
  32. Xena Warrior Princess ... Joxer

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