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The Imaginography

Actor Imaginography

  1. 9 The Television Series ... 5 (Voice)
  2. The Agent 2 ... George (friend/townsfolk; Computer Geek)
  3. Assassin Hunting Assassins ... Martin Miller
  4. Blade VS. The Punisher (2013) ... Detective Martin Soap
  5. Crocodile Dundee ... Richard Mason
  6. Crossman ... Blu Halder
  7. The Incorruptable ... Steven Saldana
  8. Marvel 1602 ... Benjamin Grimm
  9. Marvel 1602: Fantastick Four ... Captain Benjamin Grimm
  10. Nightmare On Elm Street ... Lt. Thompson
  11. A Nightmare on Elm Street (November 12, 2009) ... Tim Leonard
  12. The Punisher VS. Scarface ... Lt. Martin Soap
  13. The Punisher ... Detective Soap
  14. The Punisher: Born ... Detective Martin Soap
  15. Punisher: War Zone ... Det. Martin Soap
  16. The Simulators ... Frank Mardsen
  17. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic ... Canderous Ordo

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