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The Imaginography

Actor Imaginography

  1. Ailyn Vel ... Nolaa Tarkona (Voice)
  2. The Avengers ... Ultron (voice)
  3. Batman: The New Animated Series ... The Penguin/Oswald Cobblepot (voice)
  4. Cinderella ... Guz (voice)
  5. Disney Villians ... Chernabog (voice)
  6. Disney's: Mary Poppins ... Penguin 1 (voice)
  7. Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz ... Tiny Pigelt 5 (voice)
  8. Gummi Bears ... Toadwart
  9. Gummi Bears ... Gruffi Gummi
  10. Hasbro's The Transformers ... Shockwave
  11. The Jungle Book ... Kaa
  12. Kingdom Hearts ... Dale
  13. Marvel vs Disney ... Shere Khan
  14. McDonaldland: The Movie ... Mike the Microphone
  15. Mighty Max ... Virgil
  16. Off to see the Wizard ... Wizard
  17. POKEMON ... Sudowoodo
  18. Pretty Cure Heavy Metal ... Takashi Edwards
  19. Ranma ½ ... Pizza-man (voice)
  20. Sesame Street (80's cartoon) ... Count von Count
  21. simpsons the future rise of darkseid ... nelson
  22. Sly Cooper (2016) ... The Guru (voice)
  23. Spy Vs. Spy : The Animated Movie ... The White Spy Leader (Voice)
  24. Star Wars Expanded Universe ... Empatojayous Brand
  26. Star Wars: The Clone Wars ... General Loathsom (Voice)
  27. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed ... PROXY (Voice)
  28. Superman ... The Voice of Brainiac
  29. There's a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom ... Pepper Owl (voice)
  30. Transformers ... Shockwave
  31. Transformers ... Brawn
  32. Transformers ... Sunstreaker
  33. Transformers ... Alpha Trion
  34. The Transformers Season 1 (The Beginning) ... Brawn
  35. The Transformers Season 1 (The Beginning) ... Sunstreaker
  36. Ultima ... Voice of Exodus
  37. Who Kiddnapped Roger Rabbit ... Droopy

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