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Actor Imaginography

  1. Archie's Weird Mysteries Live Action Movie ... Archie Andrews
  2. Archie ... Archibald "Archie" Andrews
  3. Archie's Weird Mysteries Animated Movie ... Archie Andrews
  4. Axis Powers Nyotalia ... Dmitry Braginsky/Ukraine
  5. Bare: The Musical ... Matt
  6. Civil War: Avengers II ... Johnny Storm
  7. Dawn ... Philip Cutler
  8. Disney Princess Part 1 ... John Smith
  9. The Fantastic Four ... Human Torch
  10. Fractured ... Warren Grier
  11. Hocus Pocus (remake) ... Elijah
  12. Homestuck ... Dave Strider
  13. Phineas and Ferb ... Jeremy Johnson
  14. Soapdish (2012 remake) ... Blair Brennan (Bolt)
  15. Sonic Unleashed ... Professor Pickle's Assistant
  16. Tim Burton's Rocky Horror Picture Show ... Rocky Horror
  17. Total Drama Island ... Geoff
  19. Youngblood ... Badrock/Thomas John McCall

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