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Actor Imaginography

  1. 21 Jump Street (1993) ... Captain Dickson
  2. 22 Jump Street (1995) ... Capt. Dickson
  3. Batman Begins (David Fincher's version) ... Lucius Fox
  4. Ben 10: Alien Force ... Sheriff Mason
  5. The Dark Knight (David Fincher's version) ... Lucius Fox
  6. The Dark Knight Rises (David Fincher's version) ... Lucius Fox
  7. The Expendables (1993) ... Hale Ceasar
  8. The Expendables (1993) ... Hale Caesar
  9. The Expendables (80's) ... Hale Caesar
  10. Expendables 2 (1995) ... Hale Caesar
  11. Expendables 2(1992) ... Hale Caesar
  12. Face/Off (80s) ... Tito
  13. A Good Day To Die Hard (1988) ... Murphy
  14. Green Lantern ... Legion
  15. Guardians of the Galaxy (1980) ... Drax The Destroyer
  16. Halo ... Sgt. Johnson
  17. House of Leaves ... Billy Reston
  18. Hyperion ... Morpungo, general
  19. Lost (1980s) ... Mr. Eko
  20. Mercenaries ... Colonel Samuel Garrett
  21. My Spider-Man Reboot Cast ... Robbie Robertson
  22. Ultimate Spider-Man ... Robbie Robertson
  23. Underworld Series (1984-1991) ... Kahn (Underworld)

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