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The Imaginography

Actor Imaginography

  1. Buck Rogers in the 25th century ... Twiki (Voice)
  2. Bugs Bunny and Duffy Duck ... Elmer Fudd
  3. Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz ... Tiny Pigelt 4 (voice)
  4. Ducky Zurg ... Sammy Spacesquirrel (Voice)
  5. Futurama ... Dr. Zoidberg
  6. Futurama ... Gen. Zapp Brannigan
  7. Futurama ... Richard Nixon
  8. Futurama ... Prof. Hubert J. Farnsworth
  9. Futurama ... Farnsworth
  10. Futurama ... Philip J. Fry
  11. Gilligan's Island ... Radio Announcer
  12. Hard Time on Planet Earth ... Control (Voice)
  13. Johan et Pirlouit (Johan and Peewee) ... Various Smurfs (voice)
  14. Looney Tunes ... Bugs Bunny (voice)
  15. Mario & Sonic At The 2012 Olympic Games ... Lakitu
  16. McDonaldland: The Movie ... The McNugget Buddies
  17. My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic ... Flam
  18. Puella Magi Madoka Magica ... Kyubey
  19. Sam & Fuzzy ... Sam
  20. Sam & Fuzzy ... Fuzzy
  21. Short Circuit ... Number Five (voice)
  22. simpsons the future rise of darkseid ... bart
  23. Sonic Auditions Ep. 10: Silver ... Contestant 14
  24. Sonic Auditions Ep. 12: Omega ... Contestant 16
  25. Star Wars: Epic Battles ... Jar-Jar-Binks
  26. Star Wars: Epic Battles ... Viceroy Nute Gunray
  27. Watership Down ... Fiver
  28. Who Framed Roger Rabbit? ... Roger Rabbit (voice)
  29. Yes! Pretty Cure 5 ... Scorp

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