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The Imaginography

Actor Imaginography

  1. Anne of the Indies ... Molly LaRochelle
  2. The Batman Series ... Talia Al Ghul
  3. The Da Vinci Code ... Sophie Neveu
  4. Death On The Nile ... Louise Bourget
  5. Divisadero ... Marie-Neige
  6. Fairy Tale Theater : Beauty and the Beast ... Georgette, A Sister
  7. Gone With The Wind ... Scarlett O'Hara
  8. Green Lantern 2 ... Arisia Rrab
  9. Inuyasha ... Sango
  10. Jeunet et Caro's Le Fabuleux Usine Chocolat du Willy Wonka ... Tournesol Bouquet (Charles' mother- it means "Sunflower Bouquet")
  11. Kill Bill ... Sophie Fatale
  12. KILL BILL THE BEGINNING ... Sofie Fatale
  13. Leslie Caron ... Leslie Caron
  14. Little Shop of Horrors ... Audrey
  15. Luke Cage ... Jessica Jones
  16. Moonraker ... Corrine Dufour
  17. Movie:The Movie ... Audrey Hepburn
  18. My Fair Lady ... Eliza Doolittle
  19. Nadia ... Soraya Moritz
  20. Noir ... Altena
  21. Pretty Cure Perfume Preppy ... Angelique Auriville
  22. The Prisoner ... Female Prisoner
  23. The Suicide ... Cleopatra Maximovna
  24. This is Orson Welles ... Virginia Nicolson
  25. The Ultimate Secret ... Lucrèce Nemrod
  26. You're a Big Boy Now ... Amy Partlett

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