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Actor Imaginography

  1. The 40-Year-Old Virgin (1985) ... Marla
  2. Case Closed (Detective Conan) (1983) ... Kazuha Toyama/Kirsten Thomas
  3. Deadpool ... Copycat
  4. Future Crime ... Lara Anderson
  5. Green Lantern (1986) ... Carol Ferris
  6. The Green Lantern 2011 (1980's) ... Carol Ferris
  7. Happy Days (1985) ... Joanie Cunningham
  8. Meges XLR ... Coop's mom
  9. The Office (1980s) ... Pam Beesly
  10. Ouran 1983 ... Renge Houshakuji/Renee Howard
  11. The Princess Diaries (1980's style) ... Lilly Moscovitz
  12. The Princess Diaries (1980's style) ... Mia Thermopolis
  13. Salkinds' Supergirl (1988-89) ... Kryptonite Lady
  14. Scott Pilgrim vs The World (1990) ... Ramona Flowers
  15. Sky High (80s) ... Layla Williams
  16. Superbad (80s) ... Nicola
  17. Superman ... Lara-El
  18. Thor (1980s) ... Darcy Lewis
  19. Underworld Series (1984-1991) ... Erika (Underworld-Underworld: Evolution)
  20. West Wing (1986) ... Zoe Bartlett
  21. X-Men (1980's) ... Rogue/ Marie D'Ancanto
  22. X-Men (1990) ... Marie/Rogue

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