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The Imaginography

Actor Imaginography

  1. 007: Kiss Kiss Your Dead (2015) ... M
  2. 007: Quantization of Spectre (2019) ... The Quantum Mastermind
  3. 6 Bounties ... Serena Gordon
  4. Brittany ... Brittany
  5. Camilla of the Volsci (2012) ... Opis
  6. Chani and Paul ... Lady Jessica Atriedes
  7. Deathstalker ... Ruby Journey
  8. Doctor Who (1990's) ... River Song
  9. Doomed Queen Anne ... Queen Catherine
  10. Dune ... Lady Jessica Atreides
  11. He-Man ... Evil-Lyn
  13. James Bond (BBC 2010s) ... Miss Moneypenny
  14. Julius Caesar ... Calpurnia
  15. The Looking Glass Wars ... Redd Heart
  16. Mary, Bloody Mary ... Queen Catherine of Aragon
  17. Masters of the Universe ... Evil-Lyn
  18. Patience, Princess Catherine ... Queen Catherine of Aragon (older)
  19. Resident Evil: Damnation ... Svetlana Belikova
  20. Schemers ... Alex Beech
  21. The Second Earth ... Proffesor Andrea Midwood/Vice President Andrea Midwood
  22. She-ra: Princess Of Power ... Evil Lyn
  23. Simon R. Green's Deathstalker ... Ruby Journey
  24. Six Wives - The Queens of Henry VIII ... Catherine of Aragon
  25. Star Trek Next Generation 2016 ... Doctor Beverly Crusher
  26. Theseus and the Minotaur ... Queen Aethra of Athens
  27. Wolfenstein: The New Order ... Caroline Becker

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