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The Imaginography

Actor Imaginography

  1. Catwoman II (2006) ... Sally
  2. Clue ... Mrs. White
  3. Clue ... The Cook
  4. Clue ... The Cook
  5. Diner Dash ... Barb the Businesswoman
  6. Drawn Together ... Toot Braunstein
  7. Family Guy ... Lois Griffin
  8. Family Guy ... Barbara Pewterschmidt
  9. Family Guy's Romeo and Juliet ... Lady Capulet
  10. Futurama ... Amy Wong
  11. Hairspray (Remake) ... Edna Turnblad
  12. I Love Lucy ... Fred Mertz
  13. I Love Lucy ... Ethel Mertz
  14. The Incredibles ... Edna Mode
  15. Kim Possible ... DNAmy
  16. King of the Hill ... Mihn Soupinousipone
  17. Mickey Mouse and Friends ... Clarabelle Cow
  18. The Simpsons Origins: Cletus Spuckler ... Cletus' Mother
  19. The Simpsons ... Marge Simpson

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